12 Helpful Face Painting Tips

1. Keep a supply of water for washing brushes and sponges between faces.
2. Use clips & hair bands to keep hair away from the face
3. Cut sponges into wedges to give you a fine edge, as well as a broad surfaces
4. Rest a hand on the head of the Face Paintee, to keep their head steady
5. Apply lighter colors 1st and allow the 1st color to dry before applying the next color
6. Keep designs simple and age appropriate, remembering that small children may not sit still for long!
7. Keep strokes even & continuous (avoid the temptation to sketch!)
8. Don't hesitate to use stencils if you’re not confident at painting free-hand
9. Consider mixing different paints to create your own colors & shades!
10. For younger kids, describe what you are doing to help reassure them.
11. Keep a mirror nearby. The occasional peak in a mirror will help keep their attention.
12. Add glitter to give designs a finishing touch!

Bonus Tip: Face paint can also be used elsewhere on the body! Use Kiss Freely Face Paints to paint on royal jewels, tiaras, tattoos and hand puppets!

Face painting is not just for kids! Paint yourself & your family (your dog?) and have a great time!
October 13, 2016 by Jennifer Kurko
First ever non homeade birthday cake!

First ever non homeade birthday cake!

To be perfectly honest, I didn't care how the cake tasted.  Starting at age 3, my daughter asked for a cake with Abbey Cadabby.  Then butterflies, superheroes and peace signs. I have zero artistic ability.  I sincerely struggle to create a straight line. 

My answer has always been, "Sorry baby, I don't think I can make it look like that." We always settled for the icing being the color of the theme. And my daughter was so good about it.  Which somehow makes it worse.

So when I was introduced to Safe Sweets.  I had some hope.  Not a lot of hope but some.  My daughter's allergy list makes cooking and baking pretty challenging.  Spurred on by thoughts of being able to say "yes" to my daughter and fantasies about not baking 2 dozen more cupcakes, I contacted Sherry at Safe Sweets.  After providing the list of allergens, Sherry said she could make a safe cake!  Thinking this was too good to be true, I launched into the usual grilling about cross contamination and ingredients. Sherry totally gets it.  Her own son suffers from celiac disease.  I was getting excited! This might really happen.  My daughter looked at a ton of pictures and picked out a cake covered in peace signs.  She just kept saying, "Can I really have anything?" She was beyond thrilled!  And I did what most allergy moms do, I cried!  (A few hours later I did do a happy dance about not baking more cupcakes but mostly I cried!)

My daughter loved her cake and loved feeling included.  And it tasted great!

With Valentine's day just around the corner, Sherry and I talked about the challenges of inclusion for our kids and kids just like them.  As a result of that conversation, I am thrilled to announce Safe Sweets and Kiss Freely have created a Valentine's Day bundle with adorable top 8 free owl cookies and heart shaped lip gloss.  Stay tuned for details!

February 01, 2016 by Jennifer Kurko
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Stocking stuffer ideas for tweens and teens

Kiss Freely is thrilled to be mentioned along side these fabulous brands.

December 06, 2015 by Jennifer Kurko

Cupcake Wars

Our local rec center decided to host cupcakes wars as a fund raiser.  I did what any allergy mom would do, made a mental note to avoid the rec center that day, then got mad and then entered! I am now in the process of coming up with a top 8 free recipe to make for Saturday.

Wish me luck and stay tuned for how it goes!

October 01, 2015 by Jennifer Kurko