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Welcome to Kiss Freely, where a desire for food allergy friendly bath and body products has led to the creation of a line of personal care products geared towards those with food allergies and their loved ones.  

Kiss Freely products are free of the 8 major allergens and then some!  We avoid the use of other potential allergens such as sesame, shea butter, peas,coconut, avocado and sunflower seed.

At Kiss Freely, we know everyone is unique and so are food allergies.  Many of our products allow for substitutions.  If you need to avoid one of our ingredients, simply contact us with your request, and we will do our best to provide you with products made special just for you and your needs.

All of our products are made in a top 8 free environment.  We understand cross contamination and the risk that it poses.  Every care is taken to avoid such contamination.  

In 2009, my oldest daughter was diagnosed with severe food allergies. Shocked, fearful and overwhelmed, we began to navigate this new world of food allergies. We cleared out cabinets, scoured the internet for recipes and shopped at multiple grocery stores in order to find everything we needed for this new journey.  

I actually thought we were navigating this new world quite well until one day when I kissed my daughter and left angry, red hives on her cheek.  Up until that moment, I had no idea these deadly allergens lurked in lip balm, lipstick, soap, makeup, sunscreen and creams.

​Lacking options, I began making my own products.  After applying my first batch of lip balm, I kissed my daughter on the cheek.  We both rejoiced at the ability to "Kiss Freely."  ​I began Kiss Freely to provide other families with a safe alternative so that they too, may Kiss Freely. 

Jennifer Kurko, Founder

We believe strongly in advocacy, awareness and research towards a cure.  A portion of our profits go to food allergy organizations working towards these goals.