Now thru Nov 26
1. Keep a supply of water for washing brushes and sponges between faces.
2. Use clips & hair bands to keep hair away from the face
3. Cut sponges into wedges to give you a fine edge, as well as a broad surfaces
4. Rest a hand on the head of the Face Paintee, to keep their head steady
5. Apply lighter colors 1st and allow the 1st color to dry before applying the next color
6. Keep designs simple and age appropriate, remembering that small children may not sit still for long!
7. Keep strokes even & continuous (avoid the temptation to sketch!)
8. Don't hesitate to use stencils if you’re not confident at painting free-hand
9. Consider mixing different paints to create your own colors & shades!
10. For younger kids, describe what you are doing to help reassure them.
11. Keep a mirror nearby. The occasional peak in a mirror will help keep their attention.
12. Add glitter to give designs a finishing touch!

Bonus Tip: Face paint can also be used elsewhere on the body! Use Kiss Freely Face Paints to paint on royal jewels, tiaras, tattoos and hand puppets!

Face painting is not just for kids! Paint yourself & your family (your dog?) and have a great time!
October 13, 2016 by Jennifer Kurko